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Welcome to Hebron Water Polo….the newest sport at Hebron High School! Water polo is a sport for all athletes and although many swimmers take up the sport, student athletes who have experience in team sports (football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse) are highly encouraged to try water polo on for size. Hebron students who play water polo will need to have WATER POLO as their athletic class for the Fall Semester in 2023/2024. Hebron High School has both boys and girls teams available.

Water Polo is the newest sport to be sanctioned by The UIL. Hebron Water Polo teams had a successful first Texas UIL season last fall and look forward to the upcoming season starting July 31st, 2023!

For years water polo has been an incredibly popular Olympic sport and it’s growth in the USA at the collegiate and high school level has significantly increased, which is also the current case here in Texas.

For more information about Hebron’s Water Polo program email Coach Donzie Lilly at lillyda@lisd.net